Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Current thinking...

With everything to consider, there are dozens of decisions to be made when renovating a building in its entirety.
Our builder, Matthew Tucker, has had the house stripped out completely - all the accretions of dry-lining, unnecessary cheap joinery and defunct copper piping have been removed and the house is a shell. 
The clearance has thrown up some interesting developments - it is apparent that there has been a fire in the house at some point, and the plywood cladding to the ceiling on the ground floor which we hoped was covering ancient timbers was in fact just hiding some modern softwood joists.  There will be an extra expense involved here if we are to restore the ceiling to its original state.
We already knew that the timbers had insect infestation, but apparently there is one roof timber which is in need of replacing - the others are structurally sound and will respond to wood treatment, so there is relatively little to worry about there.
In the interval since our last visit we have been drawing up plans for the kitchen and bathroom layouts, and beginning to think about issues such as lighting - this last needs consideration surprisingly early in a project if you are going to end up with sockets for lamps and light switches in the right places.

There will be more about the finishes such as flooring and exterior paving in the future, and we will be collating ideas for the interior styling of the house in the spring - hopefully by then the reconstruction will be well underway!  In the meantime I hope you like these first views of the computer model...

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