Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Concept plan model

These images from the CAD model give some idea of the intended appearance of the restored house.

Terrace from ramparts side

View of west side of house

View from courtyard side

Courtyard view from east side

Concept landscape plan

The initial concept plan for Le Petit Manoir is simple.  The terrace onto the ramparts is the sunny side of the house, secluded and sheltered - this is the obvious focus for outdoor living in fine weather, so the paved area has to be sufficiently large to accommodate a table with comfort.  Planting will be structural and low-maintenance, with culinary herbs and a fig tree to make the most of the south facing wall.
The arrival courtyard requires a clear pathway across the space to the entrance - this frees up a corner for storage, and strips of planting soften the boundaries.  The gravelled area here mirrors that on the terrace side of the house.