Sunday, 23 October 2011

Le Petit Manoir

Built in 1776, Le Petit Manoir will undergo restoration in 2012, to provide the perfect holiday retreat for two.
Situated on the ramparts of the mediaeval town of Dinan, the house is private and secluded but within a few metres of the main square.  A west facing terrace overlooks the town and the turrets of the rampart wall, and the simple layout of four rooms on four floors belies the charm of the setting and the modest vernacular of the architecture.
At present the house uninhabitable - there are no services and the interior is back to the rubble-built walls on the ground floor.  The building needs complete renovation - everything from wiring and plumbing to new windows and joinery throughout, flooring, and exposing boxed-in features such as the chestnut beams and blocked up fireplaces.
Its recent history as a kitchen for the nearby restaurant and staff accommodation has left the house in poor condition - two years without occupants hasn't helped!
The purchase was completed last week, and with the help of our wonderful agents at Agence Arguenon in Dinan an architect and builder are already working on the project.

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